2013: And the snubbed Oscar goes to…

This is nothing new. The Academy Awards have been snubbing actors, directors, composers, writers, and films for years. Unfortunately it has been more harshly displayed with each passing year. In recent years I’ve noticed major snubs to great performances, beautiful scores, and remarkable directing. Why doesn’t the Academy acknowledge those artists? Let’s talk about it… shall we?

When the 2012 Academy Awards nominations were released I was disappointed to see who was excluded from recognition, again.

Image The Dark Knight Rises (2012) was a big surprise for me since its predecessor in the Batman Trilogy, The Dark Knight (2008), was nominated for 8 Oscars and won the Best Supporting Actor and Sound Editing categories. Sadly, I’m beginning to believe that the Academy and other film watchers now associate TDKR with the Aurora Shootings. It is because of that link that it was not nominated for Sound Editing or Original Score for Hans Zimmer, among a list of possibilities. I understand that the Academy doesn’t want to appear to be praising a film and its link to gun violence, a hot topic no one wants to be associated with… but come on? So many worked hard on that film. They deserve some sort of recognition. Don’t be so uptight, Academy. I wept for Christopher Nolan and his film. This picture was snubbed from at least 6 categories this year.

Best Supporting Actor this year. I don’t like it. Aside from The Master (2012), I have seen all best supporting role nominees this past year. All of the men have been previous winners-nominees before the nominations for this year was announced. Granted, their roles in those pictures added flavor to the dialog, but I didn’t buy some. I didn’t see the need for Alan Arkin’s nomination for Argo (2012). I loved his character, but I didn’t see it as Oscar worthy. He didn’t move me like the other nominees have. He just made me laugh. Who I would have liked to see nominated was Tom Holland for his performance in The Impossible (2012).

ImageHe and Naomi Watts were brilliant together. I was convinced they were mother and son, and that their love for one another rich and real. Tom Holland’s character brought me to tears and left me biting my nails, rocking back and forth, praying for a happy resolution to his heart breaking story in the film. This young man was r-o-b-b-e-d of a nomination.

As was Javier Bardem for his role in Skyfall (2012), but I’m still on the fence about him being nominated or not. We can move on from this… I suppose.

As soon as I saw the Snow White & The Huntsman (2012) and The Avengers (2012) were nominated instead of The Dark Knight Rises (2012), I wanted to scream my lungs out and shake someone. Of course, I didn’t. I’ve regained composure, eventually. Breathing in, breathing out. Calming myself. Those were good films, I suppose worth of recognition for their art direction. All this isn’t stopping my jaw from drooping to my keyboard, shaking my head in disappointment. I sometimes wonder what is wrong with the Academy’s mind. You know you have also.

Can we also talk about Jacki Weaver’s role in Silver Linings Playbook (2012)? I absolutely loved this movie! It was relatable, beautiful, tearful, inspiring, everything I love in a movie, but Jacki Weaver? She did a good job portraying the anxious mother-obedient wife, I just didn’t see it as nomination worthy. Which has brought me to conclusion that the Academy was lazy in picking their Best Supporting Actresses this year. They must have had their obvious list done and saw that they had a slot left to fill. She was hardly on screen! When she was in a scene she barely said any lines, just standing their with sad eyes, quivering behind Robert DeNiro. They thought this was worthy of a nomination? Please.

ImageI would have rather seen Kara Hayward from Moonrise Kingdom (2012) nominated for Best Supporting Actress. That was a role worth talking about. Not Jacki Weaver. No.

Ben Affleck snubbed from Best Director? We don’t even need to talk about this. You know they’re wrong. (Argo Fuck Yourself)

Do you see what I mean? Every year the Academy wow’s me with their ridiculous snubs and nominees. I will never understand it. Many things do not make sense to me. It is either pure laziness, actually taking a chance and nominate someone who has worth to be nominated, or they didn’t connect with what they saw on screen.

I’m done with this topic. There are past years that have disappointed me also. We’ll discuss this in another post.


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