this is what we’ve done.

wake up, you lost soul.
while you were focused on your
self-centered life of luxury and success
you ignored the purpose of
your existence.

every soul was created to follow the
path of good, not evil. but you
chose a path that led you to
a life of self-loathing.

you don’t love yourself, you only
think that because of the attention
you’ve received. they hate you,
they hate your entire entity.

I’ve reached out to
love you, to help you see
the wreckage around you. your eyes
remained shut and you silenced
me with the cruelty you gasped
with each lying breath.

once I l loved the idea of seeing
shattered glass shredding you
to pieces. but would that wake
you to see the harshness
of reality?

nothing works when it comes
to you. we have done this
together, we’ve mutilated our
own souls. the cause is:

to become a part of this
world, we’ve lost the meaning
of our true existence. I’ve
lost as much you have.

About gabthechief

22 years old. Detroit native. Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media studies. Street Photographer. Designer. Dreamer. Young soul wandering.

One response to “this is what we’ve done.

  1. manu

    Amazing stuff 🙂

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