Two questions

written on June 25th 2009

Do you feel free in your dreams?
Do you dream of a new world better than your own?
Is there a sense of optimistic hope that you don’t feel here?
Is your escape in your dreams?
Do you question your life here, the people, the world?
Do dreams grant you that peace you long for?
Do you dream in different colors, plains, personalities?
Is everything you desire in your two dreams?
Does the Father exist in your dreams?
Is He in your heart?
Does He speak to you in your dreams?
We do not hear Him alive here.
The world here isn’t as accepting as yours.
He loves you there, but you don’t see Him here.
All accept His loving embrace in dreams, but not here.
Hearts blanketed with the love of the Father.
Away from dreams, in a real place,
Hearts as dark as ash, burnt because of flames.
Do you feel free in yours dreams?
Can you bring your dreams to reality?
Do you prefer dreams over nightmares?
So dark and cold, you’re aware of death so near.
In nightmares you quiver with fear,
Your mind and heart feel adrift.
In your nightmares do you sense Him there?
You don’t feel Him with you, because of the doubt.
You don’t scream for Him, you plea for others.
Why don’t you seek Him in the dark abyss?
Is it because you are so confident that you can conquer this?
There isn’t a light in either direction,
Nightmares have left you in the dark.
The people won’t listen to you, to them you are mute.
A pathetic insect who lost his way through the fog.
In your nightmare is there such a thing as God?
Their hearts don’t care to listen, they live for themselves.
Egotistical beings with no care in the world.
They’re committed to themselves, in belief that no one else,
That no one else loves them.
Do they not see?
He is the only one who can save them.
Which do you prefer?
The nightmare or the dream?
In this nightmare they cannot hear, they cannot see.
In the dream, they all know, they all believe.
Is the nightmare really just reality?
Or do we belong in dreams?

About gabthechief

22 years old. Detroit native. Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media studies. Street Photographer. Designer. Dreamer. Young soul wandering.

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