An untitled piece of work.

written on May 1st 2009

If we’re letting love stray from us, then what more do we need to live?
Oxygen and hydrogen just doesn’t seem to provide that quick fix.

However, a love such as yours is a pinch of poison.
Silencing my beat within seconds, you do it so well.

Dare I think to continue this game of life and death?
It appears that you’re poisonous ways are better than nothing.

There’s no fresh air left for me, I’m dying to breathe.
I’m dying to see, to feel, to think, and to notice.
To notice that your poison is killing me.
You’re killing my soul and every spec of good left in me.

Still, the taste of your poison feels so good on my lips,
As if it were a distant kiss from a lost love.

I am yours, you are mine- Or so I thought.
Poisonous death, I’m mesmerized by your demeanor.

If it is a death you wish, a death I shall give.
For I will succumb your sinful, departing love.
You brought death to my lips, and I whisper to your heart…

“Sweet poison, it was better to die by your love, then to survive without it.”

About gabthechief

22 years old. Detroit native. Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media studies. Street Photographer. Designer. Dreamer. Young soul wandering.

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