May we.

written on August 5th 2008

May we tell stories to our children of our disarray past.
May we hope to tell tales of love and mischief,
rather than those of misery and indecisive events.

May we remember each other for the good we did in each other’s lives.
May we remember the love we once knew.
May we feel remorse when thinking of the affliction we both caused.
May we not feel pity for us.
May we not remember those horrible times.

May I not remember your face.
May I not remember you smile.
May I not remember your love.
May I forget your person.
May I pray for you to live healthy.
May you learn to grow and come to realization,
that the journey we were put on- was dreadful.

May we remember that first love’s aren’t everything.
I do not love anymore.
Often, I’ll see you, but I shall not go near.
May the Lord protect me.
May we part- peacefully.

About gabthechief

22 years old. Detroit native. Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media studies. Street Photographer. Designer. Dreamer. Young soul wandering.

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