Lack of Structure.

Written on May 27th 2007

This isn’t Much of a Wonder.
Although, I would Like to Disagree.

Perhaps, the Lines won’t Connect,
And the Picture won’t Match.

It won’t be as Beautiful or Intelligent.
But without the Items, it’ll be Blank.

A Canvas without a Masterpiece,
Isn’t really Worth the Look.

Maybe, if You look Beyond the Laws of Art,
You might Just be able to Discover
What True Beauty Posses.

I Know that True Beauty is Hidden,
But does it Have to be Surfaced?

Why Can’t we just See what a Wonderous Creation it can Be.

As a Matter of Fact,
It’s Harder than it’ll Seem.

No One can See the Beauty I see.
No One can Understand the Knowledge I Seek.

Frankly, I do Not care if
I am Accepted.
As Long as I’m Happy in my own Comfort,
Then Why should I try to Continue to Please Others?

No, I Don’t Believe I should.
It’s a total Calamity, Quite Depressing.

What Is There to Do?

Why Should All Obey the Law of Art?
The Law of Everything.

Such Restrictions Hold Us Down.
There is no Freedom, nor Beauty in This.

If We Rebel,
Perhaps then, There Will Be Life Again.


About gabthechief

22 years old. Detroit native. Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media studies. Street Photographer. Designer. Dreamer. Young soul wandering.

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