Cold-hearted monster.

Written on August 20th 2007.

I’m Left Alone in the Dark,
No One to Hold Onto,
No One to Cry to,
No One to Run to.

It’ll Be Okay,
I can Fight this.
I’m Strong Enough to Keep Going.

But There is this Monster that Haunts me,
He Breaks me into Pieces every Time.
His Eyes, Filled with so Much Hate.

I wish I had a Knife to Stab him in the Heart,
since After All his is as Cold and Dark.

He Torments me with Such Evil,
that Only he Knows my Weakness.

I Run, I try to Run, but I go No Where.
I’m Lost, I’m Trapped.

How is that the Demons know the Weak Points?
I Want to Kill him, and Finally Face my Fears.

I Want to Scream:
“You Do not Have any Power Over me!”
I Will not Allow this Monster to Ruin me,
I Will Destroy you, for you are Not Worthy of Breathing.

With the Knife I’ll Stab you into Pieces,
Similar to how you’ve Destroyed me into Pieces.

There’ll be Nothing Left of you,
You’ll be Shouting for Mercy, and for Forgiveness.

This I will Not Give.
I am Not that Kind, I will not Let you Into my Life Again.

You’re Gone, you’re Out of It.
For Good,
Now Damned into the Firey Pits of Hell…
I Gladly Watch you Fall.

How Does it Feel, After all?

About gabthechief

22 years old. Detroit native. Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media studies. Street Photographer. Designer. Dreamer. Young soul wandering.

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